Update Midwifery Unit Standards

We are very proud to announce that we are updating the Midwifery Unit Standards!

Head letter invitation4

Our aim is to review and update the Standards for Birth Centre document (Royal College of Midwives, 2009) which identified main standards relevant to Midwifery Units. Our new document proposes to review and expand the standards in view of the newest evidence and policy as well as by consulting experts on the topic. 

These Midwifery Unit Standards do not refer to specific clinical practice. Each country may refer to their own guidelines in relation to clinical care and governance

Our research team is completing a meta-synthesis of Midwifery Unit Standards and conducting a Delphi-study to get important insights from experts.
Our immediate goal is to co-create Midwifery Unit Standards and in the future we wish to develop a framework to measure implementation of these Midwifery Unit Standards.
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